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Advance Directives

The Advance Directives regulation, or Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA), was derived from the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 (OBRA ‘90). This act requires all Medicare and Medicaid hospitals, nursing facilities, home health agencies and hospices to give patients information about their right to make their own health care decisions, including the right to accept or refuse medical or surgical treatment. This also includes the right to formulate Advance Directives (Declarations and/or Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions).

Below are links to documents to help you comply with the Patient Self-Determination Act.

Essential Components Required of Providers - Advance Directives

Federal Regulation - Advance Directives

Advance Directive Acknowledgement - Sample Form

Written Information to Provide to Patients on NV Law Concerning Advance Directives - This document summarizes Nevada law on advance directives and what steps a patient can take towards expressing their wishes on end-of-life treatment.  It includes several forms prescribed by Nevada Revised Statutes.

Guidance on Community Education Requirements

Advance Directive Self-Evaluation Form


If you represent a licensed medical facility or health care provider receiving Medicare and/or Medicaid funding and would like more information about Civil Rights or Advanced Directives compliance, please contact the Division of Health Care Financing and Policy’s Recipient Civil Rights Officer at (775) 684-3606.


NV 0152 Frail Elderly Renewal

National Governor's Association (NGA)

State Innovative Model (SIM) Program

SIM Follow Up Communication

SIM Innovative Care Comments

HCBS New Rule Information


Ordering, Prescribing or Referring Providers (OPR)

Self-Attestation Form for Eligible Providers and Statement of Responsibility

DHHS - Office of Health Information Technology (HIT)

Nevada Compare Care - Transparency in Health Care

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